Body Wraps for Immediate Weight Loss. Awesome results in less than an hour!


Hi Everyone,

So excited to share this as i have been trying these wraps out and i have to say i was very skeptical beforehand! I said i will go ahead and try one and just see, sure what do i have to lose?

I had done a little reading up on the various wraps and decided to go for the seaweed mud wrap. I heard so many great reports about seaweed and the minerals it contains. Apparently no plant can compare to it when it comes to the list of active and beneficial ingredients.

When its applied to the body, the process of osmosis occurs which pulls out the metal toxins while stimulating the metabolism. So its a great choice for everyone as it also aids in skin regeneration and collagen production.

It removes dead skin cells and delivers magnesium and zinc minerals to the skin among lots more.

Seaweed is rich in antioxidants and protects the skin against various pollutants.

It is an ancient therapy and a very popular spa treatment. So this treatment is a hell of a lot cheaper than a visit to the spa, which could set you back a fair bit of cash, believe me!

Luckily for me, i had just the thing in my bathroom cupboard, thanks to my Mum. Last time she visited she brought me a natural clay and seaweed face mask which is made from seaweed harvested in the West of Ireland.

The West of Ireland, most commonly Galway, is famously known for its rich source of seaweed and kelp. So i was happy in the knowledge that i was putting the best ingredients on my skin.

So all i had to do was heat it up in the microwave for 10 seconds to warm it, for best results.

Then grabbed a roll of cling film and apply the mask all around my tummy area which is where i want to lose weight. You can do it on the arms or thighs aswell, anywhere you want to lose fat.

So i just applied it in a thin layer but enough to cover and wrapped the cling film around (not tight, just firmly), still attached to the roll about 3 times and it stayed stuck quite well.

Then i wrapped a scarf around to keep it in place and keep it warm. And thats it! Just leave it on for 45mins or so. Make sure to stay hydrated as it is a bit dehydrating as are all wraps.

I drank around 3 glasses of water and one large glass an hour beforehand.

I may have left it on for an hour but it was starting to get a bit uncomfortable so 45mins should be fine. Then i just unwrapped the cling film and washed it off with warm water.

I patted it dry and that was it. I noticed i needed to urinate a few times directly afterwards so this is probably due to all the fluids and it working to flush out toxins perhaps?

Anyway, the next day i was surprised and delighted to notice when i looked in the mirror i had lost an inch or 2 from my waist area!

I have to say i genuinely didn’t believe it would work so i was a bit taken aback. I was sorry i hadn’t done the whole taking measurements thing before starting but i didn’t have a proper tape measure so i vowed to buy one and continue trying these wraps!!

I couldn’t resist but to do another one this morning – 2 days later, so i had a look online for other inspiration and found an idea for another cheap DIY method using just coffee and olive oil.

Well the thing was, i had exfoliated prior to that before my shower with olive oil and sugar scrub so i decided to substitute the olive oil for Apple cider vinegar. Its great for its antibacterial properties and has loads of health benefits too so i mixed it in instead.

I grabbed some fresh coffee (2 Tbsp) , which is not the granules but the finely milled stuff that goes in the percolator or coffee machine. I put that in a bowl. Then i added some ACV from the bottle until the desired paste was achieved. Just enough to make it pliable and spreadable.

Grabbed the cling film and headed to the bathroom to lather it on all around the tummy and abdomen area. Then wrapped comfortably taught with the film again, 3 times around. All done, just grabbed the scarf and wrapped that around. Put on a jumper and sat down watching TV for 45 mins. Had a few glasses of water with lemon for taste and in order to keep hydrated. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Too easy!!

Then, i did the same ritual as before, removed cling film washed it off and voila!

I noticed the results straight away! My tummy is definitely smaller! Maybe its because i was retaining water in my stomach area but whatever it is, I’m so chuffed!

Im going to continue with these wraps and next time ill be recording my measurements to see exactly how much is coming off. I just can’t believe my luck here.

Please do comment in the box provided on the main page to let me know how you get on if you try these. Or if you have any other suggestions Id be delighted to hear them and try them out for myself. Hope you get as good results as i did! Either way, its brilliant for the skin anyway.

Good luck!

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