Easy DIY exfoliator


Hi Guys,

Today Im sharing my latest, easiest to make and best exfoliator i have ever used in my life!!

No drama here, it is seriously the best and literally the cheapest and easiest to make.

Here is all you need:

  • A tablespoon of baking soda

  • A teaspoon of quality Extra Virgin Olive oil

Mix it up in your palm or in a bowl.

I use my palm just to save on washing up and its just a bit easier, once you put the baking soda first that is. And be careful not to spill the oil. So it mixes quite easily. You can add extra olive oil if you think its a bit harsh, no worries.

I had quite a bit of dry skin on my nose so i wanted to buff that off, therefore paid close attention to that particular area. I have started using a facial exfoliator brush recently. I dry brush my face, similar to body brushing to get rid of dead skin cells. I was advised to get one years ago and i had one but never replaced it. I remember it being quite good for helping achieve a glow so i bought another in a shop. I think they had them in Penneys/Primark but i got mine in Babou, France. They are very soft bristles so really gentle, as i have sensitive skin and its fine. I do recommend it. Actually, I’m so keen to get a Clarisonic facial brush, the electric one but they are sooo expensive?!!! Its on my Wishlist so maybe Santa will bring me one! Anyway, the one i have is grand for now. You won’t need a brush for this as you apply with your fingertips.

So the trick is to be really gentle and not scrub hard with the crystals. They will do the job just fine with soft and gentle massage in small circular motions. In fact, i think my skin craves it now. I love the feel of it, its buffing away all the dead skin and revitalizing your complexion.

I do this maybe once a week, just when i feel i need it. I wear makeup every day so if you don’t, then you may only need to do it once a fortnight or less. I wouldn’t use it every day as i think that is too harsh on the skin. It needs time for cell turnover and recovery. The olive oil feels very nourishing, which quenches the skin for that lovely soft feeling. Its great for all skin types.

A lot of people with oily skin tend to steer away from anything oily or oils in general but thats a mistake. Oily skin is producing oil due to over compensating for a lack of it and it is crying out for moisturizing. Therefore, oils are fantastic for oily skin, which is what i have. I didn’t realize that for so many years and i basically spent an absolute fortune on products which were drying and actually made it more oily! I even skipped moisturizing completely for ages, which I’m sure i will pay for in later years as unfortunately aging is accelerated from dehydration of the skin. Oh dear! But at least i know now and i don’t have a problem with it anymore.

Anyway, I’m making up for it because I’m loving oils and apply coconut oil every day so hopefully i can counteract the years of bad skincare. Coconut oil is meant to have great anti-aging properties as well as being antibacterial and chock full of nutrients, the list goes on…

I tried using olive oil as a leave-on moisturizer years ago but it is quite oily to leave on so i prefer coconut oil. My application is to cover myself from head to toe in it when i get out of the shower so the pores are open due to the heat. Then i leave it on, but on the face i only leave it on for a couple of mins and then wipe of the residue with a wet cotton pad. Thats just me because i have oily skin and i then apply makeup. Its easier for me to use a primer as a base for my makeup so i do that instead. If you can leave it on its probably better for your skin and it should be brilliant for dry skin. Its great if you can ingest it too so try and use it in baking/cooking.

The great thing about coconut oil is it has so many uses. I use it in my hair, on my lashes and brows, as a nail treatment, body lotion, makeup remover, and loads more. Anyway, thats a whole other blog post which i will get around to doing! Its just awesome and you should have it in your cupboard if nothing else as part of your beauty regime.

So getting back to this amazing exfoliator, I normally do it for around 2 minutes. You can do it for as long as you like but i just love the feel of it and i think the buffing really does the skin good. It feels so soft and renewed after and it has a bit of a glow.

Wash it all off with tepid water and pat dry. Be gentle and don’t just scrub your face with the towel cos there will probably still be some tiny granules on your skin. Just run your hands over the face lightly to remove them. And you will feel how lovely and soft it is immediately.

The pores may seem smaller or even disappear after. I splash cold water on them just to close them at the end and pat dry. My skin looks great straight away. You can use it in your eyebrows every once in a while too if you want to exfoliate them. I always neglect mine so its just something to keep in mind since they tend to have dry skin underneath. Just a little spruce up!

Anyway, let me know how you get on if you do try this. I love feedback so do comment in the box

Lots of love x

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