My Top 20 Flavour Infused Water Ideas

infused waters

Hi Everyone,

My mum was here last week so I didn’t get around to doing a blog post but she went home a few days ago and my toddler started Maternelle (the French equivalent of Montessori) a couple of days ago. One good thing is that I am able to spend more time on my blog. Delighted to be able to sit down and relax in peace while I write. Anyway, my lil one basically loves it and runs out the door so its a win win for everyone! The earlier mornings are worth it so I will finally get some shit done around here. At long last! I will be enjoying the peace and quiet for at least an hour I hope, as my other baby is sleeping soundly (with no racket going on to wake her). Ahhh this is the life haha. read more

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Low Fat Strawberry Parfait

I am going to try out a new diet for a week so I'll be doing another diet diary if you are keen to join in. Its called "A Nutritionists Guide to Losing 10pounds in a week" and i have read a lot about it so i have to give it a go. Its mainly vegetables and fruit for the 1st few days and concentrates on foods that require more energy to burn off the calories than the calories they actually contain.

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Body Wraps for Immediate Weight Loss. Awesome results in less than an hour!

So excited to share this as i have been trying these wraps out and i have to say i was very skeptical beforehand! I said i will go ahead and try one and just see, sure what do i have to lose? I had done a little reading up on the various wraps and decided to go for the seaweed mud wrap. I heard so many great reports about seaweed and the minerals it contains. Apparently no plant can compare to it when it comes to the list of active and beneficial ingredients.

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