Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for looking. My name is Ciara and im a stay-at-home mum of two beautiful baby girls, from Ireland. I live in the south of France with my French partner and we spend some of the year in New Zealand. I love travelling and being a mum. I’m an advocate for natural skincare and I am obsessed with trying out new products! I really enjoy connecting with people and sharing useful tips so I’m always on the lookout for and finding cool things to blog about. Do join me for all my latest finds! I love all things skincare, well-being and lifestyle, recipes and style. I also love makeup and haircare so stay tuned for some awesome tips and reviews of my fave tried and tested products along the way.

I believe in enjoying life to the full and I focus a lot on lifestyle, health, diet and beauty. I do believe in treating yourself regularly and looking after your body at the same time. Its all about positivity and gratitude with a healthy dose of fun! I share my own experiences in my blog and im really keen to hear other peoples views so do feel free to comment or leave feedback on anything you like or anything you can add to. I love hearing what other peoples point of views are. I hope this blog can be interactive and enjoyable for everyone! Here is a quick description of what i do as a stay-at-home Mum..

I am an Independent Consultant for Neals Yard Remedies Organic.  It is a multi-award winning Organic and Fairtrade company established in Covent garden over 35 years ago. Feel free to talk to me about natural skincare, holistic therapy and wellness. Email me for a skin analysis and sign up for special offers. Here is the link to my online shop  uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ciaradoran if you would like to learn more. I would be delighted to hear from you!

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