The Power of Positive Thinking


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Today im sharing my experience with the power of positivity and the effect it has had on my life so far. A few years ago, a friend recommended the book “The Secret” to me. She explained how she had a group of friends who all read the book or watched the DVD and miraculously, all of them had turned out to be be successful and began leading truly fulfilled lives. I was mesmerised at the prospect but also extremely sceptical. I remember thinking to myself that i would look online and consider buying the book or DVD but i forgot soon after and never got around to it. Fast forward a few years and my memory was jogged while talking to someone else. This woman swore by the law of attraction through positive thinking and explained a similar fate. She mentioned a similar book called “The Power of your Subconscious Mind”. She said that once she read about the power of your thoughts and how to visualise the things you desire, things began to really change for the better. That evening i decided to purchase the book and see what all the fuss was about. Mainly out of curiosity to begin with. Soon i was hooked.

The book reveals how changing negative thought patterns and training the mind to think positively attracts prosperity and happiness. Its called ‘the power of attraction’, ultimately meaning that you attract the very things your thoughts project onto your life. For instance, its easy to think negatively when things go wrong. Example, say if you are in debt and you keep thinking how broke you are and you will never save money, you are losing money all the time, etc. Being in that frame of mind only attracts more negative energy and you won’t attract prosperity since you are not training your mind to accept any otherwise. However, if you train your mind to think positively and picture yourself debt free, living a life of luxury and not worrying about money, then you are way more likely to achieve it. The mindframe of negativity simply convinces your subconscious mind that it is a hopeless situation. If you think instead that you are 100% going to get out of this situation as quickly as possible and envision it, it is going to happen a lot quicker. I know it sounds way to easy, but that is how the law of attraction works. You visualise yourself in positive situations and think only of positive outcomes and things start improving gradually.

Similar to hypnosis, you have to genuinely believe it will work in order for it to actually work so this is a way to train your subconscious mind into believing in the end result. Your conscious mind will be always weighing up the pros and cons, forever second guessing the outcome and being sceptical as it listens to the subconscious inner feelings, which normally bring on fear. Fear of loss and danger, etc. It is how we survive and completely natural from birth, stopping us from doing dangerous things like jumping from a height, etc. One of our first real senses as newborns is to grab on to the person holding us, in order to not fall if there is sudden movement. Therefore, it is hard to train your subconscious mind and even harder to train the conscious mind. This is why you have to repeat the positive affirmations over and over thus programming the subconscious to genuinely believe the positive outcome and the beautiful end result ie whatever your dream is, becoming true. After the subconscious mind has been conquered and brought around to the belief of the dream, the conscious mind will eventually follow and this heightens your chances of a much better outcome. Just keep envisioning your goal in your mind, as the saying goes ‘keep your eye on the prize’.

You really need to let go of the negative thought pattern for this to work. The book states that you should write down a list of positive affirmations. I wrote down a list of things i would like to have in my life. Then visualise them occurring. Do this on a regular basis and see what happens. You might want a flash new car or dream job/relationship/holiday/house. Anything is possible so just focus on one thing at a time. The book also suggests using pictures of what you are hoping to attract as a reminder to visualise, and display them somewhere you can see them.

The next part is training your mind to banish negative thoughts. Of course, no one is immune to negative thoughts and I know it seems impossible but you should give it a try. It takes time and you won’t completely rid yourself of negativity but you will become way more positive and less things can bring you down. Heres an example, you lose your job and feel like your life is over. You could spiral into negativity, become a hermit and drown in your sorrows or you could use use it to your opportunity by thinking, one door closes means another one opens, and how exciting to think better things are on the horizon. This is the way the power of positivity works in helping you gain confidence, be happier and not dwell on negative aspects of your life. I know this principal cannot always be adhered to and in some cases its impossible to be positive, like when grieving but the idea is to be as positive as you can in challenging times. Remember to keep practicing the law of attraction and good things will begin cropping up. It really worked for me and still does! Dreams can come true if you just believe in them.

I would be really happy to have any feedback on experiences from others on this. Please do comment in the box provided. Hope your dreams come true soon.

Lots of love,

Ciara X



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  1. Really beautiful blog post! I have also a blog post about 5 tips to increase your value as a person. I share similar ideas.
    I have also read the sectet!

    1. Thanks Malalai, it is a great motivator to stay positive and thanks for your positive vibes! Much appreciated 🙂