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Hi everyone,

I decided to share my daily skincare regime with you as it has been working so well for me of late. Since i started and followed the following regime, my skin has been bright, clear and dewy and im feeling confident with less makeup. Here are a few other contributing factors. I have been eating a healthy and balanced diet. I recently cut out sugar, but not completely as im a complete chocoholic so i still have a stash of 70% cocoa dark chocolate. And its Bio, if that makes it even more guilt-free. Apparently it is very good for you and its even recommended as part of a diet. So there you go, not like you needed any more reasons to indulge. The great part about it is, you only need a couple of squares of this stuff to beat the craving. Honestly, i kid you not and if you dont believe me, see for yourself. I have a couple of squares with my afternoon cup of tea and that satisfies my craving. To be honest i dont even miss sugar now. I stick to a mainly mediterranean diet and dont deprive myself. I take a skin, hair and nail supplement and incorporate a little light cardio. Exercise helps maintain elasticity of the skin and increases blood flow whilst improving the skin tone. And lastly i drink around 2 litres of water a day. Well thats most days anyway and the rest of the time im probably chugging wine haha. You know that red wine is good for you too? Ok, lets move on before i risk sounding like a wino haha. Heres what i do-


Step 1. Cleanse. I cleanse with either a foaming cleanser or a cream cleanser depending on the oiliness of my skin. Choose a good quality cleanser suitable for your skin type and i recommend using natural skincare products as chemicals are generally bad for the skin. I used chemical products all my life and only in the last few years went organic. I have never looked back. My skin improved immensely by sticking to natural products.

Step 2.  Toner. I always skipped toner as it never seemed to work for me. I later discovered that it was because i was using an alcohol base toner which my skin was reacting badly to. Most toners on the market surprisingly contain alcohol so its important to find a natural one. I love my rosewater toner and it really has helped my skin. I notice less visible pores and less residue after applying. Therefore perfect for applying the next steps. Your skin will feel refreshed and clean without feeling dry. I wouldn’t be without my rose toner nowadays and my skin literally drinks it in. Apply with cotton pad in an upward an outward motion.

Step 3. Serum. Most people dont realise this, but serum is applied before moisturiser. A serum penetrates the skin on a deeper level delivering anti ageing botanicals and antioxidants. The way to apply is in gentle patting motions and then let it sink in before applying the moisturiser. Find a good serum with natural ingredients and your skin will really benefit from it. It supplies nutrients in a concentrated form and nourishes it. Apply using an upward an outward motion, avoiding the delicate eye area. This may surprise you but generally serums are to thick for this area and can actually contribute to under-eye bags. Shocker, i know.

Step 4. Moisturiser. Your moisturiser protects your skin from all the elements and seals it. It will again depend on your skin type which kind you choose. You can use an oil as your moisturiser if you prefer. I tend to go for a creamy texture but its a matter of preference. Some moisturisers include SPF and others dont so if your moisturiser doesn’t include one or if its not high enough, you will need to have a separate SPF. For best results use a day and separate night moisturiser. A light one for daytime and a richer one for night. Apply using an upward an outward motion, again avoiding the delicate eye area. You will need a good quality eye gel to follow.

Step 5. Eye gel. I have recently purchased one after all these years. It seems i should have got one a long time before now in my mid thirties but having tried them before and been disappointed, i gave up. I found out that i had been applying it wrong and that was why i was ending up with bags. I realise you only need the tiniest amount and dab it on with your ring finger. Glad i learned that before its too late. Arrgghhh! At least i hope not too late. Shock horror. Better late than never eh?

Step 6. Very important to remember this as the sun is probably the worst culprit for skin damage as well as premature ageing. Nuff said. Just make sure its a good quality one. You can find great mattifying ones nowadays so no excuses for shying away. I use factor 50 in summer and always a minimum of 30. Trés important!

I know it sounds like a complete chore but it actually takes less than 5 mins so you have to admit that is manageable. If i have 2 babies and can do it, then its definitely do-able. Give it a try and i promise you will soon notice the difference.


So when i say routine, its because i used to haphazardly apply masks whenever and exfoliate way too much. Thats where i was wrong. Your skin needs regular routine maintenance in order to truly benefit, in my opinion. I used to exfoliate sometimes every day if i liked a certain product or felt my skin needed a polish. Unfortunately that was stripping my skin and irritating it. Some exfoliating scrubs say they are gentle for every day use but i researched it and found out through dermatologists websites that its just too harsh on the skin. Its better to use a good quality scrub once a week. Surprised? So was I! But i have noticed my skin is a lot more supple and less sensitive and prone to redness than before. My skin really appreciates a weekly exfoliation and because im using less product, i can afford a better quality one. Awesome 🙂

A mask is a brilliant purifier and to me, essential pick-me-up for the skin. It feels lovely and refreshed and thoroughly clean after. Its a nice pampering for yourself too, and can really feel relaxing to take that little time for yourself. After toning, apply from the centre of the face outward. The mask will depend on your skin type and personal requirements.  I use a clay based one as i have oily skin and it works wonders.

Hope you enjoy trying this routine and i hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Its really quite easy to stick to and not time consuming at all. If you want to leave feedback id be delighted to hear how it goes for you and do feel free to add any tips in the comments if you have suggestions. Cheers!

If you want to try out some of the natural and organic products i use, check out this link to my online shop. If you need help with choosing a product for a specific skin type or requirement i am more than happy to help. See my email contact details. Heres the link http://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/ciaradoran/


Ciara x

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  1. Lovely post! I need to get in to the habit of using masks / exfoliate more often. Daily I generally tend of double cleanse, tone and moisturise and if I have a good eye serum I pop that on too.

    1. Hi Roxsanne, thanks for your comment. I have heard of double cleansing but never tried it. I will definitely give it a go. For now, this regime is really working well for me so i recommend trying it. Toning before moisturising definitely helps. Do let me know how it goes for you anyway!