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Hi Everyone!

Back to my blog after a long winter hibernation there! It’s been a very cosy and relaxing environment at home and i have enjoyed the snug winter whilst wrapped up warm in front of the fire most days! I have to say it is a novelty for me, since it’s our first winter in our own home. Last winter we were extremely busy with the renovation of our house and ended up having Christmas at a relatives house due to the mess and coldness of our own. We had only started renovating in November and were probably half way through the job at the time so it was impossible since we didn’t even have the roof fixed or fire in at that stage. This year was really special as it was a  chance to decorate and have a proper Christmas in our own place!

I have to say, i was like a child with the excitement of it all. Having not had a proper Christmas in around 9 years, i was over the moon. I moved to New Zealand around 8 years ago so Christmas was always in the sun there, which isn’t the same at all for me, being from Ireland where its always dark and cold during winter. The atmosphere at Christmas is never the same in the sun, i have to say. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas at all if its not winter! On returning to France 2 years ago, i spent Christmas in hospital, having my 2 year old so that wasn’t feeling much like Christmas either haha. Although in fairness, i couldn’t have asked for a better present!

The magic of Christmas for me, is having the tree and lights and everything sparkly that comes with it, in front of the roaring fire whilst its cold and dark outside that makes it so special. Candles lighting and the aroma of traditional cooking and cinnamon and vanilla really brings it all together. Having the house feeling really cosy with nice fluffy blankets and plush textiles just made it feel like a comfy and snug retreat, so i really loved my time spent at home on the couch with a nice cup of tea and my family around me. The word “Hygge” is what comes to mind immediately now when i think of it.

I recently discovered this concept of “Hygge” (pronounced hue-gah) when reading online. It even sounds cosy, like a hug. Apparently it is a Danish tradition which comes from taking pleasure in everyday, simple comforting things that enhance that lovely feeling of warmth and happiness inside. It is a feeling of contentment or well-being and derives from a 16th century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning to comfort or console, which is nice. It is associated with relaxation, indulgence and gratitude. No wonder the Danes are so happy! I completely embraced Hygge this year and i feel fantastic for it. Its taking pleasure in simple things like a warm cup of tea/coffee/mulled wine, a cashmere scarf/gloves and yummy comfort food like Danish baked goods while relaxing with good friends in comfort. Yes please!!

Winter is the absolute best time to adapt Hygge. Its all about the candles, snuggly fabrics, furry rugs and slippers and warm drinks in front of the fire. Tea and Hygge are the best remedy for a cold and stress. Simple home cooked meals with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere make for a beautiful state of mindfulness and appreciation. Hygge encourages shelter, clustering and enclosement. You already feel comfy just thinking of it. So i was delighted to incorporate all the wonderful and caring influences of Hygge into my life this year. I highly recommend it!

Snug as a bug in a rug is an understatement. I was sorry to say goodbye to our lovely Christmas tree and decorations but i have managed to cling onto the rest, for instance the snuggly blankets and scented candles and even some twinkly lights. I love our real fire and it makes everything so much cosier. Just looking at the fire makes me feel right at home and happy. I enjoy cups of tea on our big couch watching series on Netflix and have become a self proclaimed couch potato during all of this and to be honest i am milking the fact that I’m able to! Im 7 months pregnant now so i shall make the most of it while i can! Tara, my 2 year old has been great, she loves watching Postman Pat and Noddy on the computer while i have my rest on the couch. Even for an hour in the morning its great to have the opportunity to just chill out on the couch. She still has her afternoon nap which enables me to completely relax and I’m loving it.

Most of the winters i spent in NZ were spent living in a ski resort area which is the busiest time of the year and i worked most of the time so didn’t have much chance to practice Hyyge haha. I suppose my days off were mainly spent in front of the fire though so looking back, i still enjoyed the winter season in that regard. Anyway, there are quite a few books available on the concept of Hygge and i might consider purchasing one but i reckon i have the idea grasped pretty well now.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year filled with Hygge!



Lots of love and hugs,

Ciara xxx

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