My Favourite Oils for Skin and Hair Health

homemade skin and hair oil

Hi Guys,

I decided to compile a list of my favourite oils for skin and hair health to outline the various benefits and uses of these organic and natural beauty wonders! Hope they are useful for you and teach you a bit more about them so that you will try them out in your beauty routine.

These are my top faves in alphabetical order –

Almond Oil

Almond oil is made from almonds which are actually a fruit, rather than a nut but known mainly as a nut. The oil is pressed from the fruits seeds. The ground up almonds are a gentle exfoliant and rich in vitamin E. Aids in the removal of dead skin cells and renewal of skin. When the oil is absorbed by the skin, it protects it, even having a low SPF against the rays. It has a lovely consistency and blends well. Works best when massaged into the skin. Sweet almond oil is also great for hair growth and can work brilliantly as a serum. I have curly and often prone to frizz hair so I love using it to tame my unruly mane. You only need a tiny amount as it spreads well. I also use it on my eyelashes with a cotton pad as it promotes eyelash growth so its a fabulous all-rounder. Soothing for sensitive skin. Gentle enough for babies. read more

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A skincare regime that works


Hi everyone,

I decided to share my daily skincare regime with you as it has been working so well for me of late. Since i started and followed the following regime, my skin has been bright, clear and dewy and im feeling confident with less makeup. Here are a few other contributing factors. I have been eating a healthy and balanced diet. I recently cut out sugar, but not completely as im a complete chocoholic so i still have a stash of 70% cocoa dark chocolate. And its Bio, if that makes it even more guilt-free. Apparently it is very good for you and its even recommended as part of a diet. So there you go, not like you needed any more reasons to indulge. The great part about it is, you only need a couple of squares of this stuff to beat the craving. Honestly, i kid you not and if you dont believe me, see for yourself. I have a couple of squares with my afternoon cup of tea and that satisfies my craving. To be honest i dont even miss sugar now. I stick to a mainly mediterranean diet and dont deprive myself. I take a skin, hair and nail supplement and incorporate a little light cardio. Exercise helps maintain elasticity of the skin and increases blood flow whilst improving the skin tone. And lastly i drink around 2 litres of water a day. Well thats most days anyway and the rest of the time im probably chugging wine haha. You know that red wine is good for you too? Ok, lets move on before i risk sounding like a wino haha. Heres what i do- read more

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