How About a New You??

Personal Stylist

I’ll be your personal stylist and help you bring together all your best attributes and show them off! Prepare to dazzle when you step out in style, making heads turn thanks to stunning outfits and beautiful hair and makeup tips. Learn to love the skin your in and gain the confidence to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

Sound good to you? Follow me and i will guide you on the path to creating a new you as well as having fun and learning loads of cool stuff, tips and news to share with your friends and family.

Soon you will be the envy of those around you and they will be dying to know more! Sign up for free and send me a pic, then i will personally deck you out!! I will send you a range of outfits that you can find online or in stores that you can have fun with, mix and match or just try on and see for yourself. Cmon, it’ll be fun!!!

All you have to do is subscribe and send me a quick email with your picture attached, a full body shot with tight clothes to show your shape. This way i can give you advice based on you personal shape and colouring to match your hair and complexion.

If you want you can also give me:

Details of your size and age

Your lifestyle, ie what you work as and where you spend evenings out, ie clubbing or restaurant

What your style inspirations are, ie famous people who’s style you like or colours you prefer

And thats it! I’ll send you your own style tips and i will add in a few hair and makeup ideas too.

Look forward to hearing from you 😉

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