Soft Skin Secrets

Love your Skin and it will love you back ladies! All you have to remember is to do a 3-minute ritual when you jump out of the shower. Now if you’re like me, some of u may have taken the easy route in winter and skipped any form of body lotion due to the cold weather! However, summer is now upon us and its time to get back in gear and into those shorts and swimsuits!

Scary thought!! Anyway, I’ll be sharing my tips and it won’t cost you the earth as i have done my research and its all good news! Save using natural products and splurge on holidays instead. Cheap and cheerful and it only takes a few minutes. Give it a go and get that summer glow on!

Tip 1:

Invest in a jar of pure organic coconut oil if u don’t already have one. Best money you will ever spend, i swear! So many uses, it is a beauty regime must-have. Love it so much! If i were sent to a desert island it is defo what id bring. Talk about multifunctional! All natural and your skin will love it!

Tip 2:

Buy a body brush. They are cheap and easy to find. I promise you will be amazed by the results. A quick brushing down of the body before applying a scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells and aid in lymphatic drainage, therefore can remove cellulite and make those pins glow. Yes please!!

Tip 3:

Mix together a paste of organic olive oil and sugar to make a scrub. Prepare a container, like an old jar, and add your fab sugar scrub to it. Label if needs be and keep it in the bathroom for use before your shower. You can apply it before your bath or shower and just exfoliate all over with it. Then hop in the bath/shower and rinse it off. Simple as that! Get in!

Tip 4:

On exiting the shower/bath, have the coconut oil ready. I recommend having a bowl of hot, not boiling water that you can place another bowl with a few tablespoons of coconut oil prepared on top of, in order to melt. Cold pressed coconut oil can be a bit awkward to make oily again with just your fingers, but i often do that in a rush if i just don’t have time and its fine!

Tip 5:

Use a pumice on your heels and the balls of the feet. Anywhere the skin may have hardened. I recommend a natural pumice stone as it is less irritating and easier to use. I find they are not as harsh and more relaxing, which is what you want after your nice warm soak. If you make this part of the ritual it only takes 30seconds

Tip 6:

If you have a nail clippers and file handy just do a quick tidy of your toenails as this will make you feel like a prepped princess and no more worrying about the claw toenails, lol. If you have a nice nail varnish then go the extra mile. You will feel as though you have just stepped out of the spa, and it doesn’t cost anywhere near the price. Beach babe in minutes!!!

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