Natural Homemade Peel-Off Facemask

Hi Guys,

Today I’m sharing with you a great DIY peel off mask which will leave your skin squeaky clean and totally refreshed. I have started using natural products in the last year and find they work the best for my skin. I have tried out so many expensive and chemical products over the years, and believe me i tried a LOT! I never really believed the natural route was the way to go and it was kind of a last resort to be honest. My results were almost overnight and i was completely shocked how cheap and natural products were having a better effect, without those harsh chemicals and expensive lotions. Needless to say I was delighted, and started researching further. Most of the products you will already most likely have in your kitchen cupboard or are easily accessible at the supermarket. All the more motivation to experiment. Yay!!

So todays facemask can be used on all skin types. Its great for removing blackheads and treating pimples. I have combination/oily skin and its perfect. The honey is a natural moisturiser so its fine for dry skin aswell. Here are the ingredients:

Р One packet of unflavoured gelatine (roughly a tablespoon)

– 5-8 drops of Pure tea tree oil, depending on whether you have any pimples/blackheads

– One tablespoon of pure, raw honey

– One tablespoon of Milk

If you can, buy organic as its always better for the skin. Normal brands are still fine though so don’t worry if you can’t find organic. Mix all the ingredients in a container with a fork.

Put in the microwave for 10seconds (no longer). Test it to make sure its not too hot. Once it is warm, not hot, and a creamy texture, apply to the face quickly. It dries quickly and its a sticky consistency so keep your hair off your face with a towel or hairband and wash hands with soap.

Keep the mixture away from your eyebrows as it can pull the tiny hairs away with it when you peel it off. This is good for removing unwanted hair from the face so thats a bonus! If it does go in the eyebrows just wash it off with warm soapy water and start again.

Once its dry, in around 20-25 minutes,¬†begin peeling it off. It may hurt a little but its pulling out the toxins and build-up so you know its doing its job and don’t worry.

Now wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining bits from your face.

Voila! Clean and refreshed skin. So soft, i love it. Feel free to comment on your own experience with this mask in the box below. I love getting feedback. Cheers!

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