DIY Nourishing Avocado Hair Mask

For moisture rich, silky and shiny hair, try this brilliant, low cost DIY recipe once a week

What you need:

A hairband and shower cap (optional)

A small microwavable bowl and a fork

1 half of a ripe Avocado

2 Tbsp of Organic Coconut Oil

1Tbsp of Honey

Microwave the coconut oil for 10 seconds until just melted

Add the honey and mix well

Microwave for another 10 seconds

Now add the avocado and mash well with a fork

There will probably still be some lumps but try and get it as smooth as possible

Comb your dry hair before application to make sure its untangled for ease of application

Use your hands to apply the hair mask and run your fingers through it to make sure its evenly applied. Its important to coat as much hair as possible and not just the top layer

You can apply it directly to your scalp aswell, its non greasy and coconut oil aids dandruff so thats a plus point. It also helps hair growth and nourishes the scalp

Once the hairs covered, tie it back and put on the shower cap if you have one

Its best to keep it on for at least 30mins and for the best outcome, an hour

Once ready, before turning on the shower, lather in some shampoo and massage well.

Its important to do so without water as the oil and water combined make it more difficult to wash

Once thats done you can hop in the shower and add water, lather some more and rinse

Shampoo again and rinse well to get rid of any residue

Then use your fave conditioner

Et Voila! Results are immediate. Style as usual

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