Toxic Beauty Products in your cupboards. Know what you are applying…

Today I am writing about the dangerous toxins in regular everyday beauty products and how they can affect us. I think people need to be more aware of the dangers and so I am going to explain what the worst offenders are and how to spot them. The truth is, most people don't even look at the ingredients on their fave products and just assume if they have passed the tests they are obviously safe. Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of leniency given to the companies as to what they may use. I recently watched a documentary on just how many chemicals are in our beauty regime and learned the ugly truth about cosmetics in todays market. It was called "Our Chemical Lives".

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A skincare regime that works


Hi everyone,

I decided to share my daily skincare regime with you as it has been working so well for me of late. Since i started and followed the following regime, my skin has been bright, clear and dewy and im feeling confident with less makeup. Here are a few other contributing factors. I have been eating a healthy and balanced diet. I recently cut out sugar, but not completely as im a complete chocoholic so i still have a stash of 70% cocoa dark chocolate. And its Bio, if that makes it even more guilt-free. Apparently it is very good for you and its even recommended as part of a diet. So there you go, not like you needed any more reasons to indulge. The great part about it is, you only need a couple of squares of this stuff to beat the craving. Honestly, i kid you not and if you dont believe me, see for yourself. I have a couple of squares with my afternoon cup of tea and that satisfies my craving. To be honest i dont even miss sugar now. I stick to a mainly mediterranean diet and dont deprive myself. I take a skin, hair and nail supplement and incorporate a little light cardio. Exercise helps maintain elasticity of the skin and increases blood flow whilst improving the skin tone. And lastly i drink around 2 litres of water a day. Well thats most days anyway and the rest of the time im probably chugging wine haha. You know that red wine is good for you too? Ok, lets move on before i risk sounding like a wino haha. Heres what i do- read more

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Amazing Night Balm Review

I decided to do a review of this KIKO Milano Nourishing lip balm since i have just recovered from the worst case of chapped lips ever. I had the flu for the last couple of weeks there and my lips really suffered badly during that time. No matter what i did, they were dry and flaking. I would wake up in the morning with the worst case of dry mouth and my lips would be bone dry and really gross. Sorry for the yucky explanation there but i have never in my life experienced anything that bad on my lips.

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Baby Soft Foot Scrub DIY

I dont know about you, but i have completely neglected my feet this winter and have really noticed how the skin has become rough, dry and hard around my heels and on the balls of the feet, especially. It felt like the task was going to be a lot of work getting them back to the soft layer of skin below. I went online for some tips on doing this at home since i can't really afford a proper pedicure right now. To be honest i have only ever had a couple of proper pedicures in my life since they're sooo expensive!!

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Silky Aloe Lip Care Review

I have been on the look out for a decent lip balm for the winter months, since my lips are prone to chapping so i needed to find a really good quality one. I use lip balm all year round as part of my daily routine in the morning and re-apply at least twice a day so i was keen to find a really good one. I had a recommendation from a friend of mine for an Aloe vera based one which has menthol infused so it has a nice fresh and very mild scent. It also provides a cooling sensation when applied. It is calming and silky with just the right amount of moisture so that it glides on perfectly and only needs one coat. Aloe vera is healing aswell so if you have dry or chapped lips it helps. It prevents drying and protects from the outside elements.

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