15 Simple Self Care Tips for Millenials


“15 Simple Self Care Tips to make your life more satisfying”

Self care is extremely important, especially in this day and age when people are overwhelmed with work, commitments and time-management issues. A lot of the time, people get so over-worked that they neglect their own selves and end up completely burnt out and dissatisfied with their lives. The key to self care is slowing down. Its taking time for yourself, to focus on you. You often hear people say ‘Take care of yourself’ or ‘Look after yourself’ and thats for a good reason. You can’t possibly function properly whilst looking after everyone and not looking after yourself. Thats why its important to take some “You time”.

Often people think its a selfish act to be taking time to yourself, but in fact it is crucial. No one else is thinking that, apart from the person who is reluctant to spend time on themselves. It’s time to start incorporating this important ritual. As the saying goes ‘You can’t spend your life pleasing others’. Even if you spend most of your time pleasing others, you simply have to include yourself. I have compiled this list in order to highlight the ways you can implement self care into your routine. No excuses, you know you are capable of completing most of these simple self care tips quite easily! Why not choose one a day to do over the space of a couple of weeks and see how much better you feel. Here goes:



sleeping woman in bed - self care

1 Have a lie-in or go to bed early. Sleep depravation is real and it is no walk in the park! Enjoy your full nights sleep and aim for a minimum of 8 hours. Anything extra is a bonus! Before going to bed at night, remove yourself from all electronic devices such as phone, computer, radio, tv or any similar distractions for an hour beforehand. This will help you have better sleep quality and help you to nod off quicker too. If possible, leave your phone in another room. That way you won’t be tempted to check it immediately when you wake. You can feel relaxed, knowing you are not in demand once no-one can call or text you.



cream puffs on a cooling rack

2 Bake some yummy treats and make a nice cup of tea or a good coffee to have with it. Grab a magazine or book and chill at home in peace. I know this one sounds bit unrealistic to some people and you may be thinking to yourself, in what world would you get the chance, but I’m sure there is some part of the day it may be possible.




woman having a bath - self care


3 Run a bath and use some nice bath oils or fancy soaps. Little bits of luxury we can most likely afford. You could do a body scrub beforehand and maybe apply a face mask. Why not create your own spa at home and have a fluffy bathrobe and slippers ready? You could go the extra mile and light some scented candles or use aromatherapy bath oils. Make sure you have no distractions and just relax and unwind.




sitting with friend, tea and dog on lap


4 Catch up with  a few good friends at home, in the comfort of your living room. Its nice to have some quality time with your best friends, and often, its the best therapy. A good catch up can do you the world of good. Relax and have a laugh over a bottle of wine and some snacks. That way you don’t need to stress about getting ready to go out, dressing up or being on time! So much more relaxing.




Nature walk - self care


5 Go for a nice long walk and stroll somewhere like the park or woodland. No power walking! Haha, the point of this is not exercise but leisure.. Just take your time and breathe in the fresh air. Notice all the lovely scenery and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Don’t overdo it, a half an hour each way is plenty. You don’t want to wear yourself out. You want to feel energised after an invigorating walk.




woman getting a back massage - self care


6 Get a massage. If you haven’t had one before, i definitely recommend it! Its complete relaxation and your body really appreciates it. Especially if you have been stressed at all. Sometimes we develop knots in our muscles from stress and strain. A good masseuse will help with that and you will immediately notice a difference. I would recommend a relaxation massage rather than a Swedish massage as those can be full on!




oriental food with chopsticks




7 Make a date night in and order takeaway! That way you don’t have to worry about making dinner or getting ready to go out. Arrange it with your significant other and if needs be, make arrangements to have the place to yourselves. That way you can really relax and unwind with no pressure on you to do everything or be anywhere.





hand getting nails painted- self care


hand getting nails painted- self care







8 Go for a hair cut or style and get your nails done. All of us love a bit of pampering so thats a pretty painted thumbs up. If you can’t afford it, you can always do it yourself. Not the hair cutting obviously! But a bit of pampering never went astray and it always helps boost your confidence. There’s a lot to be said for that. Confidence is relaxation at the end of the day.

woman sand boarding



9 Get a babysitter if you have kids and need some time out. Some people don’t get any time alone from their children and that way its hard to focus on yourself. Why not get a babysitter for a couple of hours and do something you enjoy that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to do. Spending time by yourself means you only have to focus on you, therefore you’re allowed to be selfish!






woman on beach reading a book - self care10 Read a book when you have some free time. It really helps escape from everyday life. It can be like stepping into a fantasy world and you can forget about your own life and everything thats going on when you read. Grab a good book that interests you. I personally love chick-lit as its a light-hearted comedy that i can relate to. Anything at all that interests you and can keep you intrigued.




bare foot on the grass - self care



11 I read a tip recently and decided to give it a try. It was very soothing and felt great. The tip is to walk barefoot in the grass. It helps you become more at one with nature and it feels fantastic. Give it a go!




Neals yard aromatherapy bottles - self care

12 Go to the beach or a lake and have a swim or just chill there. Once the weather is nice, it’ll be really refreshing and do you good. The sea air is so pure and the sound of the waves is enchanting. Feel the breeze in your face. If its too hot bring a fan! That way you can still have the breeze in your face haha. Bring a nice beach towel and lounge for a while. Ahh bliss!






Neals yard aromatherapy bottles - self care

13 Try an aromatherapy diffuser. You can get some really nice essential oils these days. Do make sure they are certified and you can try out a ceramic oil burner to see if its something you’re likely to do regularly. If so, an aromatherapy diffuser is the way to go. Breathing in the steam of the essential oils has many therapeutic benefits. Lavender is particularly relaxing.



Yoga posed lady - self care


14 Arrange a playlist of all your fave movies or series on Netflix or Amazon Prime/Sky. If you have none of those, check out movies online or DVDs. Arrange a quiet night in with some of your favourite snacks and binge-watch some feel-good movies or series. Its a great way to unwind and escape your day to day life. Ah the little things in life!




Yoga posed lady - self care

15 Meditate or use self-hypnosis. I discovered the art of meditation and it opened up a whole new world of calm for me. You can download meditation tracks for free online. You then need to have a pair of headphones to plug into your portable device. For this to work, you have to give yourself at least 10 minutes with no distractions whatsoever in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Mediation can really bring you to another level of relaxation and clear your mind. Self-hypnosis is another great way to de-stress. You need to spend a little more time on this and its best done before bed at night or else in the morning as soon as you wake up. The de-stress hypnosis is fantastic for releasing stress and feeling great. There are also online downloads for free to try out.



If you like this article and want to know more about how to de-stress and clear you mind, check out this article

If you implement some of these tips, you are sure to be feeling better. Try and make it a regular thing, at least once a week or more. The more you look after yourself, the better you will feel. Do you have any ideas to add to the collection? Do let me know in the comments below. Thanks and good luck!



Ciara x

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  1. I really enjoyed these! Usually I’m not quick to jump on the self-care/love-yourself train, but I really enjoyed these tips! They seem like practical ways that you can add a little life into your day. It’s so easy to just run through your to-do list, but it’s nice to have the reminder to make sure you’re LIVING in a way that fills your soul as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think you’re self care tips are very relatable. Although I’m not sure it would be just for millennials. All 5 of my children are in the millennial generation and they have more me time than time for anyone else, LOL! I am a Generation X gal and never give myself me time. This is a good reminder that I should do so. Thank you!

    1. Hi Chrissy, hope you are taking the challenge! You sound like u deserve to take some time for yourself. I can imagine you’re a very busy mum.

  3. Ciara, these are really well thought out self-care tips. I realized as I read this post that I do implement many of these in my life but perhaps not on a regular basis. I am going to pick one of these to do for each of the next 15 days and be more intentional about taking care of myself. Saved your post so I will be reminded daily. Today I am going to walk bare foot in the grass, something I haven’t done in far too long. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks and glad you like the post. Its so important to look after yourself as people often neglect themselves. Glad you are trying out the challenge. Im going to do it too. Let me know how it goes!

  4. I wish I would’ve done more of these things when I was younger. I think maybe I wouldn’t be a frazzled forty-year-old. Both my millennial daughter and I love, love, love sleep!

    1. Haha thats funny. I do love my sleep too, a bit too much actually. But its good for you so can’t be a bad thing

    1. Hi Bobbi, it certainly is and more people need to look after themselves properly in this day and age or risk burnout

  5. I am a fan of pretty much all of these things! Walking, music and a good sleep are my number one favourites though. I always find writing to be VERY therapeutic and promote it as much as possible on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for the comment and your input. Writing does often help. Its very therapeutic, i agree

  6. Ciara, I loved reading this! I was writing a post very similar…from my time as a vegan and my week of taking time for myself. I totally agree with you that we need to take time for ourselves.. I am seriously the worst at this! I usually go and go until I feel completely exhausted and then the day that I actually relax, I usually get sick. I am planning on scheduling out times throughout my week to give back to myself!

    1. Hi Erin, it sounds like you really needed that week to yourself! I hope the list helps. Look after yourself 🙂

  7. WoW! I really needed this article! Having two little kids and tour work and other reaponsibilities we forget to take care of ourself. Really great! I will teeet this article!

    1. Thanks so much Malalai, i can imagine its hard to find time with 2 kids as i have 2 babies at home. Its even more reason to remember self care. Thanks for Tweeting!

  8. Self care is important for physical health as well as your mind and soul, it’s important for your family and friends too. cause they learn from you

    1. Hi Oussama, i agree, and yes it is a good influence on your loved ones. All the more reason! Cheers

  9. Love this article! We all need this take time for ourselves sometimes, it makes us feel so much better. I started meditating and I feel a lot calmer.

  10. I love your suggestions! The barefoot on the grass was interesting to me! I want to try it!

    1. Hi Michael, thanks so much for the feedback, I’m delighted that worked for you. Think I’ll arrange one myself now

    1. Hi Ying, thanks for the comment. Yes, i tried to make all of them easy to incorporate into day-to-day life so its easier to achieve for everyone. Now i feel like going walking in the grass again!