Shampoo and Conditioner Review Schwartzkopf Gliss

Hello Lovely’s,

This is my first ever proper review. I had to write about these hair products as they have had an astonishing effect on my hair. I bought the shampoo to try since it had liquid keratin and protein in it. I love keratin products and i have been told my hair lacked protein once. I had an analysis done by an award winning stylist in New Zealand where she tested a few strands of my broken hair from the ends. It was so dry and brittle and was lacking volume. It was limp and lifeless. However, she applied an amazing protein shampoo and after one wash it was instantly full of volume and felt much stronger. After that i committed to using protein shampoo permanently.

Normally its hard to find in normal shops and its usually expensive so i hadn’t bought a protein shampoo for quite a while, being on a budget these days.

I was delighted to find this Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair shampoo at my local supermarket for a few euro considering it has added keratin as well as protein. Normally keratin is expensive so i bought it and wasn’t really expecting it to be amazing. It does say on the sticker that you see results after one wash but i still had my doubts, due to its inexpensive price range. I am no stranger to spending quite a bit on hair care in search of the answer to my hair care prayers over the years but i was so happy i tried this! After one wash my hair was full-bodied, shiny, tangle-free and it felt amazing! I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it and it had this luminous shine. Bear in mind that this is after a harsh straightening regime including a hot hair dryer and tongs on full blast. Wowser!

I was so impressed that this one cheap shampoo, with a bit of the keratin conditioner i normally use, had such an effect. I was compelled to write a review when i got back to my blog. Luckily for me, they had a deal on in another supermarket for the conditioner, which i had previously overlooked. I had plenty of my keratin conditioner in a tub left over so hadn’t planned on buying any more for a while. That was before I tried this fab shampoo, so i naturally snapped up the deal of 2 for 1 when i spotted it. It says for extremely dry hair but my hair wasn’t that dry, however, the ends were a frayed mess. I said sure ill give it a try and see. In the past i have bought conditioner for dry hair which has left me with too much moisture, therefore making styling difficult and an almost greasy look. I wasn’t too worried about this one since i was so happy with the shampoo. Chuffed with my bargain, i couldn’t wait to infuse my hair with this perfect match duo when i got home. I wasn’t disappointed 😉

Apparently this magical product actually repairs the cuticles and leaves the hair looking healthy even after months of neglect. I basically hadn’t bothered having my hair cut in 6 months, as I’m trying to grow it so the ends were in bits. I put a little extra in the ends and i could feel the oils penetrating the cuticles. You know with some conditioners its feels as though they just slide over the hair cuticles, but this really feels like its being absorbed and nourishing the hair, especially my dry, frizzy split-ends. So you don’t have to leave it in which is really convenient and less hassle than the leave-in ones. It felt softer immediately and rinsed easily.

Another couple of points to note about these products are:

1) The gorgeous smell. They both have different but equally enhancing scents. The first time i used the shampoo i was thinking to myself it smells like one from an expensive hair salon. I just loved the smell so much that i wanted to use it as a shower gel! No compromise on that level for the low cost of this shampoo. I was happy to find out the conditioner was just as nice and a perfect compliment. I just want that scent to linger…

2) Nice packaging. The easy to use bottles are nice looking and convenient. You only need a small amount of each and the bottles dispense well, which is better than some bottles that can end up dispensing too much or too little at a time. No fuss application and quick ease of use. The shampoo lathers perfectly so you don’t have to re-apply or work it into the scalp too much. The conditioner glides on but doesn’t just slide right off again while you massage it in.

Altogether, i have to say i am sold on these two and my hair is in great condition. I will continue to try out my weekly hair masks since I’m really impressed with the natural oils i use regularly but at the moment these are fine on their own!

Yay for wonderful quality reasonably priced hair care at long last! I am going to add a link on this page for purchasing online just in case it is not available to anyone locally who is reading this and wants to give them a try. I highly recommend them.






Hey, so i just added the links above and i realise they are a bit more expensive online but check out your supermarket or local chemist and hopefully you can get a deal like me. At least i know where i can find these baby’s if there is ever a shortage. I still recommend them even at the more expensive price and i noticed you can buy the whole range there too, which i haven’t seen in shops. Might be keen to try them when i run out. Good luck and i hope you enjoy. Do write in the comments section of your own experience if you do try them. Thanks!

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