Every Day Cleanser Review La Roche Posay Effaclar


Hi Ladies,

If you are familiar with my blog you will know I’m an advocate for natural skincare and i have a whole section dedicated to DIY skincare. However, i do indeed have a few non natural cosmetics in my beauty arsenal. I am always in search of decent cleansers and i haven’t yet found any amazing natural options yet. I will keep you posted if i do find any worth reporting. I have had acne throughout my teens and into my twenties and here i am mid-thirties with adult acne. So needless to say i have been desperately searching for the holy grail of skincare to get rid of my annoying hormonal spots.

Obviously i have tried a lot of different options over the years, such as microdermabrasion, IPL, micro-derma needling, various facials, medication, dermatologists, expensive lotions and creams, etc. You name it, i have probably tried it! Nothing has really worked for me to completely banish my acne but luckily these days it is somewhat under control. I do spend quite a bit of time on face masks, probably at least 4 times a week but i can be quite lazy with my normal cleansing routine to be honest. I normally shower first thing after i wake in the morning and i tend to exfoliate with one of my natural scrubs. I love using baking soda mixed with olive oil or else Bio Oil or else if I’m in a rush i have an exfoliating cleanser called 40 Carrots which is formulated with carrots, ground walnut shell and some Retinol which i bought online a year ago or more. Its lasting well!

I read somewhere that Retinol (Vitamin A concentrate) is the best anti-ageing product on the market so that was another reason to buy it. It came with a tool similar to the Sonicare brush for a home microdermabrasion effect. I will try and find a link for it after and if i can i will add it below. Its not harsh on the skin and full of nutrients to give you a healthy glow. The brushing was a good way to exfoliate too but i mainly apply it in the shower like a cleanser if I’m in a hurry. I always seem to be these days haha.

Anyway, the main product i want to recommend here is the cleanser i bought a month ago and have been using daily. I actually read it got fantastic reviews in a famous magazine which normally only advertises over priced cosmetics so i was keen to try it. Its by La Roche Posay so its made with healing spa spring water, which is nice to know. Its from the Effaclar range and this is the foaming cleanser for oily sensitive skin. It has a PH 5.5 so restores your skin to the natural acidity. That sounds very scientific but really what i want to say about this cleanser is how much i love it and how cleansed and pure my skin feels after using it.

It feels like a thorough cleanse and the skin has a softness to it which i hadn’t experienced with other cleansers. I have tried so many over the years that i was overjoyed to find one that really works with my skin. Breakouts are down to a minimum now and the best part about it is this cleanser is Paraben free. I recently watched a documentary on how harmful Parabens are to the skin so that is a big thing for me. Its also soap free so no dryness here.

I would say i have found a perfect everyday cleanser in this one. It has taken me many years but i can safely say I’m going to stick with this as I’m genuinely impressed and not only by the quality of my skin since using it, but also by the low price. I needed to find something affordable since my days of 40euro cleansers are long gone! But luckily i didn’t have to compromise on quality and results here. You can probably find the range at your local chemist but if not, i am adding a link below.

There is a whole range which i haven’t tried yet but i am sure to check them out soon. Im so impressed with the cleanser i wouldn’t mind purchasing the kit. I also read about a makeup which helps clear blemishes and reduce red marks so i will defo give that a try and let you know how i find it. I can afford to try it out since its not overpriced at all, very reasonable and for a girl on a budget, thats a thumbs up from me! Stay tuned girlies, and do give us your feedback if you try any of these Effaclar products. Im really keen to hear anyone elses reviews. Cheers!

Here are some links i found for the products mentioned:





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