Peach frozen yoghurt recipe


Mmmm I didnt realize until recently how completely delicious peaches are!

I can’t stop eating them, they’re so juicy and sweet. Im loving them and they’re in season so i will be making this yummy frozen yoghurt all the time now.

If you haven’t got an ice-cream maker you can make this in a container, like an old ice-cream container with the lid, so fear not!

What you need:

3 Ripe peaches, peeled and cut into pieces

1/4 cup of honey

2 1/2 cups of Greek yoghurt


Using a blender, purée the peaches. Then add the honey and yoghurt and blend again.

Pour into the ice-cream maker, if you have one and follow the manufacturers instructions (25-30mins or so, normally) until the mixture is the right texture

If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, pour into the container, without the lid on for this part and put it into the freezer. You will need the lid for storing it after if you plan on keeping some

Use a scoop/spoon to scrape and mix the yoghurt every 30mins for about an hour and a half

Depending on whether you prefer the consistency soft or hard you can leave it longer or take it out sooner. It always tastes best on the day but you can keep it in the freezer no problem.

Take it out about 15mins or so before eating it in order to soften it a bit, thats what i do cos it gets really hard. And never re-freeze it once it becomes too melted so don’t leave it out any longer if you intend on re-freezing it. And thats it! Easy-peasy 😉

Hope you enjoy!

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