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Hi Everyone,

My mum was here last week so I didn’t get around to doing a blog post but she went home a few days ago and my toddler started Maternelle (the French equivalent of Montessori) a couple of days ago. One good thing is that I am able to spend more time on my blog. Delighted to be able to sit down and relax in peace while I write. Anyway, my lil one basically loves it and runs out the door so its a win win for everyone! The earlier mornings are worth it so I will finally get some shit done around here. At long last! I will be enjoying the peace and quiet for at least an hour I hope, as my other baby is sleeping soundly (with no racket going on to wake her). Ahhh this is the life haha.

Righto, so I mentioned in my most recent “Eat and drink your way to clear skin” post about trying to drink more water and one of the methods I have adapted is by using infused water. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? Hiding under a rock? Only joking, well I probably only know about it since I found all these cool recipes to try on Pinterest a couple of years ago. Of course I had all good intentions of becoming a health freak and fitness guru, but as usual none of that materialised! Ah well, one can dream.

So I had all these pins saved and decided to give it a go. I really need to be drinking 2 litres of water a day, which is hard to remember for a start but water is just so bland and boring. Id much rather have a cup of tea. Or a wine. Preferably a wine but its a bit early in the day for that. Come on 7.30!!! That is my wine o’clock where I allow myself a glass of red wine after a hard days everything (best word I could come up with to explain what I do here) Seriously, I deserve my wine and its also recommended by professionals you know! Enough about the wine, I’m sounding like an alcoholic again. Ooops. Well I do live in France. That’s my final excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Ok so more importantly and moving on to the subject at hand, infused water is water that has flavour added naturally in the form of fruits and herbs, usually. You can also use tea bags – the healthy ones. I will leave a link at the end to find some organic herbal teas if you are interested. There are too many to list, but that is a whole other blog post in the making. I use green tea to infuse mine sometimes. Other options are coconut water and aloe vera juice. All have fantastic health benefits and are great for your skin.

Lets get down to my fave recipes, here are my top ones –

1) Orange and blueberries

2) Lemon and lime

3) Cucumber and lemon

4) Watermelon and mint

5) Grapefruit and rosemary

6) Mango and cranberry

7) Pomegranate and mint

8) Lemon, lime and orange 

9) Pineapple and raspberries

10) Orange and mango

11) Papaya and lime

12) Raspberry and mint

13) Blackberry and sage

14) Watermelon and strawberry

15) Mango and papaya

16) Orange and mint

17) Raspberries and lime

18) Blackberry and mint

19) Virgin Mojito – lime and mint with sparkling water

20) Green tea and orange

mason jars with fruit in water

Filtered/spring water is the best option. Use a carafe, pitcher, infused water bottle or mason jars.

Make sure to wash the fruit well before using

Drink within 24 hours

Fresh organic fruit is the best option but you may also use frozen. The taste won’t be as flavourful though.

So there you go, there are no real rules as to how much you put in of each combo but I normally use a cup of fruit, chopped. Half less for berries.

If you are using a pitcher, fill it. Any other container, that combo makes around 2 litres of water well-infused.

You need only add in a small garnish of whichever fresh herb you choose. Otherwise it can overpower the fruit.

As for the coconut water, gauge it by your own taste and aloe juice is just a capful or whatever the bottles recommended daily allowance says.

For the green tea infused water, use as much green tea as you like but I wouldn’t go past 5 teabags as it can be very strong tasting. Use a heat proof container for this part.

You just need to boil the water, let it cool to medium hot and the drop the teabags in, leave sitting there for 5 mins or so, then remove.

Leave that to cool again and then put in the fridge for storage. It tastes better when its cold, I think, but you may enjoy it warm too.

Hope you enjoy trying out these ones and that it helps you reach your water goals.

It has really worked for me so far!

infused water pitcher

Ps a tip is to leave the jug somewhere you will walk past it often, like on the kitchen table and have a glass beside it ready to drink a glass

Another final tip is to check out the water minder app which helps remind you to drink water and how much you need by phone alerts. Its free.

Ok my lovelies, I had better go and do some housework since my entire house looks like a bomb site.

Make hay while the sun shines, in other words leg it round before baby no.2 wakes!

Here’s the link for those herbal teas I recommend >> my online shop 

Chat soon, and do let me know if you have any other nice waters for me to try in the comments. Lets keep each other motivated!


Ciara x



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  1. I’m travelling in Italy at the moment and it’s SO HOT! I need one of each of these! I’m going to try the pineapple and raspberry one tomorrow.

    1. Hi Sarah, sounds lovely, lucky girl! I actually made that combo up one day since I have an affection for pineapple upside down cake and once used raspberries instead of Murino cherries and tasted perfect. The water is a good thirst quencher and obviously eat the fruit too cos u can’t be letting good pineapple n raspberries go to waste now! Enjoy ur hols

  2. This is a seriously kick ass list! I’ve been working on drinking more water, cause one, I know it’s good for me, and two, I feel SO much better when I do.

    I’ve been struggling as of late to get enough, so infusions, I’m using them to kick my ass into gear.

    Love it!

    1. Thanks Kate, I love drinking water now and couldn’t be bothered with juice or fizzy drinks anymore. So much healthier because of it. Hope it works s well for u as it did for me 😉 Lets know how u get on x