Superfoods List – Boost your Inner Health and Outer Beauty


Superfoods are nutritious, often delicious and are truly beneficial to your health and beauty. Getting to know them, you will easily be able to incorporate them into your daily routine. They can be added to your regular meals as a way to enhance your health, wellbeing and body. It is also possible to include by the use of a food supplement, if necessary. Please note that if you are pregnant or on medication of any kind, you will need to check with your doctor before including these. This is a list of superfoods, in order to keep on file and get to know, if you are keen to add these into your diet. It includes a description of the benefits, attributes and daily intake recommend as well as any extra things to note. I need as much of a boost as I can get as I am feeling pretty lousy at the moment and really need to kickstart my health and wellness journey so here goes! read more

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Tasty Bacon, Avocado & Tomato Salad

Hi ya,

I had been pondering what to blog about today since early this morning as i have so many things i want to share. Honestly, i have heard of writers block but this is the opposite! Thats when it came to me and i was enlightened with the perfect post idea which is this dreamy and tasty bacon, avocado and tomato salad! Top of the list priority. Heres how it was inspired..

My two babies were finally asleep at the same time and it was (is) pure bliss. Peace and quiet at last haha. I finally have a spare hour or so (fingers crossed!) to work on my blog. I sat down to begin and was stumped as to where i would start. All of a sudden i had so many ideas racing around in my head so i said, ok, its time to eat first and foremost since i was absolutely starving. Its hard to get a chance to feed myself with all the running around i do. I have a two year old and a two month old so you can imagine it gets a little crazy around here. To say the least. Help!!!  read more

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Low Fat Strawberry Parfait

I am going to try out a new diet for a week so I'll be doing another diet diary if you are keen to join in. Its called "A Nutritionists Guide to Losing 10pounds in a week" and i have read a lot about it so i have to give it a go. Its mainly vegetables and fruit for the 1st few days and concentrates on foods that require more energy to burn off the calories than the calories they actually contain.

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125 Calorie Tomato Soup with Fried Zucchini – 5:2 Lunch Recipe Idea

Hiya, so Im on another fast day on the 5:2 diet today and its going ok so far. I had a small breakfast of only a peach and a handful of blueberries so by lunch time i was really hungry. Decided to make my lunch an omelette with zucchini, red onion, a slice of bacon, chopped and garlic to fill myself up. It was quite nice and not unlike my normal lunch choice really. It comes to 223 calories, according to an app i have on my phone and breakfast was 56 cals so I'm up to 379 already. Looks like this will be my dinner since its only 125 cals! Perfect.

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