Healthy and Yummy Low Fat Caesar Salad Dressing. Deliciously Guilt-Free!!

Hi all, today I'm sharing my absolute favourite salad dressing and you will be so surprised that its low fat due to the sheer deliciousness of it. I myself was amazed to discover that you really don't have to compromise on taste when opting for low fat with this gem of a recipe. It tastes creamy and its very filling too so its a thumbs up on all levels from me! I make it all the time and it lasts for a couple of days in the fridge so i usually make enough for 2 salads. It works great as a dip too.

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Exotic Chicken Stir-Fry with Almonds ONLY 338 Calories per serving 5:2 Diet Recipe

As promised I'm adding some 5:2 yummy recipes to take the edge off those fast days! I told you it wouldn't be boring and tasteless just because its low calories. This meal is full of protein for the day too so you will feel full after it and its very healthy too. You can always keep some for lunches in the next days or just divide the recipe ingredients by 4 if it is just one serving. Enjoy!!

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Tasty Rustic Bisque Soup

lady doing healthy food prep

This is an amazing and tasty soup and definitely my favourite. Its very filling so perfect for lunch. You don't even need to have bread with it as its quite heavy. I wouldn't really have it as a starter for a main course for that reason. I find even when I'm full i keep craving more. Its that good!!

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