Hi everyone!

Sorry i haven’t been on my blog for a while. I was all set to start a “10 Days to lose 10 Pounds Diet” when i found out I’m pregnant! I had been on the 5:2 diet for 6 weeks or so and everyone had been remarking how i looked slimmer. I, on the other hand was wondering why i couldn’t seem to shift that stubborn belly fat. So when i realised i was over a week late, i decided to purchase a pregnancy test at the supermarket, just to put my mind at ease. Later that day, i put my little girl down for a nap and pee’d on the stick. To my absolute surprise and delight i got the 2 blue lines and confirmed any suspicions i had. I was so happy!

I decided to break the good news to my loving partner that night by telling him i had a surprise for him when he came home after work. I wrapped the positive test in gift tissue and put in a posh gift bag i had lying around. He came home from work soon after and i handed it to him. He asked what it was, so i just said it was something i picked up at the supermarket. His face was a picture when he opened the tissue haha. Should have got a photo. Needless to say, we were both over the moon at the prospect of another little snuggler arriving at the end of March.

I was starting to feel very tired and sluggish over the next few days and soon i was completely drained of all energy, to be honest. This pregnancy was much more tiring than the last and i ended up napping in the afternoons during the time my lil girl Tara napped. When she would wake id be busy running around after her and making lunch etc. so i ended up missing out on my blogging time. I was feeling a bit neglectful of my blog but then i knew i would come back when my energy came back at last, so here i am, with my rather large bump at my desk. I hope anyone who was following my 5:2 diet is still going strong, unlike myself who had to quit immediately and start eating the full calorie limit once i found out about my little jelly bean. I have to say my craving for carbs was on overdrive and i was straight back to scoffing bread and pasta regularly. Wow, that was a nice luxury. Im finally into the second trimester and I’m feeling like a new person. I have loads more energy and I’m really motivated to get up and go. Before i was just glad to make to the kitchen and back to the couch haha. It was a very hot summer here in France, so that didn’t help. Being outside for more than 20mins in the heat would take all the energy i had and so i wasn’t even getting out for walks anymore. Luckily my Mum came on hols for 3 weeks so she was such an amazing help. Thanks Mam!

Anyway, the hard part is over and I’m back to business at last. Im decorating Taras bedroom and I’ve been painting it a lovely dusty pink so its all very girly. I can’t wait to get down to the finishing touches which is the real fun part. Ive been sourcing on Pinterest and online and have some great ideas. I will post pics of the end result later on. Im very excited as its probably the most fun room to do. Since we have renovated the whole house from scratch, I think I’m only getting round to the best part now! Kids rooms are so full of imagination and you can really make it a fairytale for them. I used a roller with a long handle so i wasn’t straining myself or anything while painting. Im not doing anything strenuous since I’m preggo. I do feel as though i fell off the fitness wagon a lot recently though, as explained earlier through lack of energy. I do want to keep fit this pregnancy as i think its easy to get completely out of shape when pregnant, as well as perfectly acceptable! However, its really hard to shift the weight after birth and twice the work. After all, i still hadn’t managed to lose the belly fat after 18 months. So this time I’m taking action and my lovely other half has bought me an exercise bike which i found 2nd hand online.

It is sitting in our living room behind the couch and in front of the TV so i have no excuse not to use it. I see it there all the time so can’t avoid it and as a bonus i can watch Netflix while pedalling away so it won’t be boring. So far so good, I’m doing 15mins a day, easing into it nicely so not to have any leg cramps and working towards 30mins a day. Will be incorporating some Pilates and light stretching exercises swell as they are ideal for a nice relaxing fitness regime for the pregnancy. I did a couple of classes in Pilates and really enjoyed the stretching and felt fantastic after it. I have a few online Youtube videos to try out at home so ill report back. I also have a deck of pilates cards for years back that I’ve been meaning to use I’ll finally put to use and see how it goes. Im keen to get back walking with Tara so ill be trying to get out for at least 30mins walk a day. Hopefully i will keep it up, I’m very motivated. Its a good idea to stay fit in order to make labour a bit easier aswell so ill do whatever it takes! Ive been pinning lots of pregnancy exercises to try out on Pinterest too. Heres to a fit pregnancy!!

The thing is, i was so impressed with the 5:2 Diet and how well it was working for me that I’m 100 percent sure I’ll get back into it to help lose the baby weight afterwards. So stay tuned if anyone wants to pick up on that again later on. I will still add to the recipe section for later use for myself and do feel free to add any ideas for recipes yourself if you find any. Im hoping to create a mouthwatering selection for my eventual return to it! Looking forward to getting back to it.

Anyhow, I’m finally getting around to adding those DIY Body scrubs and more yummy food recipes starting today so watch out for lots of posts. Ive been trying out plenty of homemade skincare recently and I’m delighted with the results to share with you all. Hope to be back blogging regularly while my little croissant is baking 😉

Lots of love and hugs,



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