Silky Aloe Lip Care Review

Hi Guys,

I have been on the look out for a decent lip balm for the winter months, since my lips are prone to chapping so i needed to find a really good quality one. I use lip balm all year round as part of my daily routine in the morning and re-apply at least twice a day so i was keen to find a really good one. I had a recommendation from a friend of mine for an Aloe vera based one which has menthol infused so it has a nice fresh and very mild scent. It also provides a cooling sensation when applied. It is calming and silky with just the right amount of moisture so that it glides on perfectly and only needs one coat. Aloe vera is healing aswell so if you have dry or chapped lips it helps. It prevents drying and protects from the outside elements.

This is a great lip balm to have in your makeup regime, handbag or pocket at all times since it provides the protection your lips need from the sun. It has SPF 30 and in winter months it helps protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. I have been using it every day for the last few weeks and haven’t had any problems with dryness or chapped lips, where previously i had really bad chapped lips that were peeling from the cold weather and change in climate.

I had a bad cold there for a couple of weeks and it arrived at just the right time. My regular lip balms just weren’t cutting it, without the proper moisture. This definitely helped with that and possibly the aloe vera since its healing. I have tried nearly all the supermarket lip balms as i have a slight addiction to lip care haha. At one stage i had around 6 different ones to choose from. I was never as happy with any of those ones. The only one i do remember loving was a few years ago i had one in a tube that i was given to try out by another friend. She spends an absolute fortune on skincare but she swore by it. The only problem was the price, which was a shocking 25 euro!! I don’t remember the name, simply because i would never imagine paying that much for a lip balm. Unless i win the lotto, i might consider it but not on todays budget thats for sure!

The truth is, if i find a really good quality item that i see as being part of my daily routine and it costs a little more than average i won’t mind paying a bit extra. It has to be something i really enjoy putting on every day, such as a good foundation, primer, eyeshadow, etc. Im usually so happy to find my cult product that i won’t go without it so I’m chuffed to have discovered this handy and useful balm. I even put it on my eyebrows to moisturise them in the morning. I just sweep across each one and smooth them out. It gives them a little extra shine and it a habit i have for creating sleeker and darker brows with very little effort.

So the wonder balm i am talking about is called Forever Sun Lips. It is available online from Forever Living and it is Aloe cooling protection lip balm and sunscreen, which is water resistant for 80 minutes. Give it a try for yourself and see. I am well impressed and i think you will be too!

Stay tuned for more skincare and makeup reviews coming soon 😉


Ciara x

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