DIY Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Scrub

This quick and easy to make all-rounder face mask give your skin a real ‘perk me up’ and helps keep acne at bay. I try and use it at least once a week and my face feels so refreshed afterwards. The best thing about it is its all natural products so no worries there. Its also cheap to make so thats a bonus. You will feel like you just had a spa facial without the price tag. Prepare to feel pampered and preened with cleansed pores and a glowing complexion. You can make as much as you like but i just make enough for a jar so i can re-use again without having to make more.


1/3 cup of coconut oil

1/4 cup of sugar

2 green tea bags

 1 Tbsp Aloe vera gel

4 drops of Vitamin E oil

5 drops of Tea tree oil – for acne prone skin

If you don’t like tea tree oil you can replace it with Jojoba oil

The tea tree oil is good for its antibacterial properties in fighting acne and also working on scars. Jojoba oil is also great for skin as it is nourishing and recommended for facial use


Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for 10 seconds. Set aside til just warm

Mix the oils, aloe vera gel and sugar together in a bowl with a fork

Cut open teabags and disperse into the mixture. Mix well

Use a recycled jar to keep in the bathroom for whenever you need

If the coconut oil solidifies just warm some of the contents with your palms and it will be fine

You can leave it on for 5 mins and wash off or just use it as your exfoliator before bed

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