Toxic Beauty Products in your cupboards. Know what you are applying…

Today I am writing about the dangerous toxins in regular everyday beauty products and how they can affect us. I think people need to be more aware of the dangers and so I am going to explain what the worst offenders are and how to spot them. The truth is, most people don't even look at the ingredients on their fave products and just assume if they have passed the tests they are obviously safe. Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of leniency given to the companies as to what they may use. I recently watched a documentary on just how many chemicals are in our beauty regime and learned the ugly truth about cosmetics in todays market. It was called "Our Chemical Lives".

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Hey there,

Today im sharing my experience with the power of positivity and the effect it has had on my life so far. A few years ago, a friend recommended the book “The Secret” to me. She explained how she had a group of friends who all read the book or watched the DVD and miraculously, all of them had turned out to be be successful and began leading truly fulfilled lives. I was mesmerised at the prospect but also extremely sceptical. I remember thinking to myself that i would look online and consider buying the book or DVD but i forgot soon after and never got around to it. Fast forward a few years and my memory was jogged while talking to someone else. This woman swore by the law of attraction through positive thinking and explained a similar fate. She mentioned a similar book called “The Power of your Subconscious Mind”. She said that once she read about the power of your thoughts and how to visualise the things you desire, things began to really change for the better. That evening i decided to purchase the book and see what all the fuss was about. Mainly out of curiosity to begin with. Soon i was hooked. read more

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“Hygge” for Life

Back to my blog after a long winter hibernation there! It's been a very cosy and relaxing environment at home and i have enjoyed the snug winter whilst wrapped up warm in front of the fire most days! I have to say it is a novelty for me, since it's our first winter in our own home. Last winter we were extremely busy with the renovation of our house and ended up having Christmas at a relatives house due to the mess and coldness of our own. We had only started renovating in November and were probably half way through the job at the time so it was impossible since we didn't even have the roof fixed or fire in at that stage. This year was really special as it was a chance to decorate and have a proper Christmas in our own place!

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