A List of Health Supplements and Their Uses

Hi Everyone,

I decided to do a list of health supplements as I have been taking them for years now and have really noticed a difference when I stop taking certain ones etc. For this reason, I really believe they do work and so I have compiled this list for you to decide which ones may benefit you. Whether its wanting to grow your hair and nails, achieve a better complexion or give yourself a health boost, there is a supplement that can most likely help. All of us are in need of different things, for instance, I don’t eat much seafood which is an essential part of the diet. Therefore, I take an Omega 3 supplement to give me the essential fatty acids that I don’t get enough of. I also eat flax seeds to make up for the lack of fatty acids such as Omega 3 in my diet. Basically, you can find the vitamins, minerals or oils you may be deficient in, in most cases, by eating an alternative food. However, this can sometimes be difficult to manage. An example of this, is when I was pregnant. I was taking a multi-vitamin tablet daily until I found out, then I needed to come off all my vitamins due to the doctors orders. I knew I was going to have a hard time eating as much iron as was expected due to being pregnant. You need way more iron than usual so without taking a supplement I was going to have to eat something like a steak and a whole bag of spinach daily! I tried my best to keep up with the high iron diet but it was tough going! In the end I needed to be prescribed iron tablets, which most women do when pregnant. Anyway, that is just an example of when it is required to supplement your food intake with a supplement. I just want to mention, before I go on, that you always need to consult your Doctor before commencing a course of supplements, whatever they are. All our bodies are different so it is best to be careful when taking anything you’re not used to. read more

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Travelling Long Haul with Babies Checklist and Tips

organising your itinerary and planning ahead for travel with babies

Hello my lovelies!

We are heading off to New Zealand for four months and we’re sooo excited! All four of us, myself, my man and our two gorgeous girls aged 6 months and nearly 3, are embarking on a very long journey! We live in France so it’s basically the other side of the world. That is a full 24 hours away!!! Some may think we’re crazy, but it is our dream to revisit our favourite place in the world. We met there and I even got pregnant with our first baby girl, Tara, over there so it will be a nostalgic trip and we are over the moon to have the opportunity. We have always missed there and didn’t think we would get a chance to go back but we made it happen! Woohoo 😀 read more

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Apps I’m Loving at the Moment

To be honest I was a bit late in the day getting into the whole smart phone craze and pretty much everyone I knew owned one before I decided to take the plunge and get one. The truth is, I didn’t even know how to use a smartphone (I know, cringe!) until I bought my first iPhone back in 2014. I think that was just something I couldn’t be bothered with because I didn’t realise how much fun it is to play around with the various cool phone apps and have the internet on my phone everywhere I went. Well, they do say you won’t miss what you never had, so I stuck with my trusty old school Nokia. At the time I was working as a manager of a restaurant and bar and I had been given a work phone which was a nice Nokia but not a smartphone, just a bog standard call and texting with reminders and the rest. That was all I figured I needed my phone for. I could go on and on about the other reasons I hadn’t conformed to buying a smartphone, since I could have had a separate private phone, but I honestly felt I didn’t need it. I wrote an article about it a while ago here if you want to laugh about it, called “Phubbing, is this what the World has Come to??” read more

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Let’s Drink to Good Health! Tea and the Health Benefits

A nice teapot and teacup for brewing healthy tea and relaxing

There have been many studies done on the various teas available and their health and skin benefits so I am going to highlight some of the findings here. Some teas have been found to help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and weight loss. Flavonoids in teas are good for your heart and may even reduce cancer. Tea has antimicrobial qualities. There are many and varied types of tea available on the market with plenty of variations to choose from. However, the main and purest form of teas are green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and pu-erh teas. All of those originate from a plant called Camellia sinensis which is native to India and China. Among the flavonoids and antioxidants in this plant is ECGC. It is known to fight against the free radicals that are associated with cancer, clogged arteries and heart disease. read more

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15 Simple Self Care Tips for Millenials


“15 Simple Self Care Tips to make your life more satisfying”

Self care is extremely important, especially in this day and age when people are overwhelmed with work, commitments and time-management issues. A lot of the time, people get so over-worked that they neglect their own selves and end up completely burnt out and dissatisfied with their lives. The key to self care is slowing down. Its taking time for yourself, to focus on you. You often hear people say ‘Take care of yourself’ or ‘Look after yourself’ and thats for a good reason. You can’t possibly function properly whilst looking after everyone and not looking after yourself. Thats why its important to take some “You time”. read more

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