Activated Charcoal DIY Peeling Mask and Clarifying Scrubs

Activated charcoal DIY Mask

Hi my lovelies,

Check out these brilliant Activated Charcoal DIY Peeling Mask and Clarifying Scrubs!

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Hope you are keeping well and looking after yourselves. Well I am just going to let you know that I am so happy with my new found skincare product and I can say it has completely changed up my skincare routine. I have heard many a rave review about charcoal and the benefits for your skin. I had been on the lookout for a good natural charcoal scrub when I was recommended this fantastic DIY mask to try. So if you know me, I am a huge DIY skincare diva haha. It’s funny to put it in that context because when you think diva, you often think high maintenance, spending a fortune on the expensive products. Well a diva will only accept the best and in my case the best is the kind with natural ingredients, and one way to know that for sure is to make your own at home. So me being the skincare diva that I am, couldn’t wait to try it out. read more

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