DIY Facial Mist recipes that work!

woman spraying facial mist on her face

Hi lovelies,

Today we’re talking facial mist. I haven’t done a good DIY beauty post for a while so i have loads lined up! I thought this DIY facial mist one would be a particularly good one to start with for the summer months. If you’re lucky, you will be having nice weather wherever you are! Either way, facial mists are a big hit nowadays since they seem to have a great effect on the skin. Similar to a toner, they are really refreshing and cooling. They’re also really simple to apply in a hurry and no need for cotton pads so can save you money and time. read more

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Eco fashion is So Cool

Hi Guys,

Today i have decided to take a break from the norm and do a little style blog. I simply couldn’t resist the urge to tell you about my latest fab finds! I admit I’m going off the beaten track from my usual blog stuff here, but its totally worth a shout-out!

As you may know, if you happen to follow my blog, I’m a huge fan of Eco everything. I truly believe in treating our planet with care. After all, we love it, so why shouldn’t we look after it? Im no tree hugger, but global warming is real and we all know it. Just some of us chose to ignore it. I know how it is, since i myself was in denial or years! I never bothered taking heed of my carbon footprint. Carbon what?? I thought that green living was for the Eco warriors, the ones that tie themselves to trees and live in them so they can’t chop them down. I always assumed those guys were just a bunch of hippies with no homes or something. That was then and now i realise that they were the ones everyone should have been listening to and supporting. I don’t know why up until the last 10-15 years, no one really seemed to worry to much about the planet! I mean, we only have one. For now at least. read more

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Phubbing. Is this what the world has come to??

Hi everyone,

I’m curious to see how people feel about “Phubbing”, as i am definitely guilty of it and most likely a victim of it too. I recently realised that it has become a worldwide epidemic and that is extremely worrying. I suppose you could call it denial but it wasn’t until i read the actual word for this unmannerly and altogether ignorant habit that i noticed I’m guilty of it.

“Phubbing” is the term for snubbing, but with your phone! Now you are probably wondering if you are also guilty of this rude and alienating phenomenon and thinking, nah! Im not like that at all, not me! But deep down, you know you probably actually are. Admit it, there have been times when you have took out your phone in the company of friends or family and just drifted off from the conversation or got distracted by whatever presents itself on your mobile. Lets face it, we’ve all been there at some time or another. read more

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The Liebster Award, Woohoo!

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So needless to say i  was over the moon to be nominated for this. Firstly id like the thank all my friends and family for supporting me Р(que Gwyneth Paltrow sobbing!)

Ah no really, this is so awesome! I am truly grateful and delighted to receive such a lovely compliment. Its such a motivating little spark of delight! I happened to be scrolling through Instagram the other day when i stopped to read the lovely Roxsanne’s Award post. Needless to say i was delighted and amazed to see my blog mentioned as a nominee. I couldn’t believe it so had to do a double-take. Sure enough her blog post mentioned mine with a link. I was naturally overwhelmed. Now I’m just a bit smug ha. read more

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De-clutter your life and start a new chapter

Hi there,

Today I’m going to write a list of things you can implement in your daily life and surroundings that will help you de-clutter your mind and help you move forward as a better you. To be honest, i was never a particularly tidy person and never minded seeing clutter around the place. Nowadays i hate the sight of mess and i can’t relax until my space is somewhat tidy. Its an interesting transition i went through when i realised how much better i felt in general when i de-cluttered my life. I honestly believe my wellbeing went from strength to strength once i started using the following principals. It sounds a bit obsessive and i myself used to hate when people got angry over a messy room or an untidy house but it wasn’t until i had my own house that i began the process. I lived in many rented houses and apartments over the years and it was rare that they were tidy, in fact quite the opposite! Ps thats not my living room in the pic so you know! Or any of these pics for that matter. I wish!!! read more

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