Amazing Night Balm Review


Hey there,

I decided to do a review of this KIKO Milano Nourishing lip balm since i have just recovered from the worst case of chapped lips ever. I had the flu for the last couple of weeks there and my lips really suffered badly during that time. No matter what i did, they were dry and flaking. I would wake up in the morning with the worst case of dry mouth and my lips would be bone dry and really gross. Sorry for the yucky explanation there but i have never in my life experienced anything that bad on my lips.

I think it was due to not being able to breathe properly through my nose or something, but i was applying a good quality lip balm frequently throughout the day and it was helping but not completely getting rid of the chappedness and irritation. I was then applying a lip scrub in the morning to get rid of the dead skin but it seemed to be too harsh and just made it worse by making my lips more exposed to the elements.

Ugh, it was a horrible experience and i had to go in search of a really intense balm or mask to recover from the irritation. Perhaps it was also due to the cold weather we are having here in France at the moment and being huddled on top of the fire most of the day. I know going from one extreme to the other doesn’t help. Anyway, i had been doing some reading online about lip masks and i figured now was a better time than any to test one out.

Having done a bit of research, i found that KIKO does a lip mask and as luck would have it, there is a KIKO store not far from me where i do my grocery shopping. I went in after shopping and had a scoot around the shop but couldn’t find it so i asked the girl there. She said they didn’t stock it in the shop so i would have to go online and order from there. I really didn’t want to have to wait for delivery and was thinking it might only be a quick fix so i had a look at their lip care range in store.

They had a decent looking lip scrub in a lippy container which i was keen to try but having not had much luck with previous attempts at home with my own scrub, i figured it was something less abrasive and more nourishing i needed. It was then i spotted the Night Balm. It looked to be a lovely soft and delicate balm and the fact that you put it on at night before bed made me think of how that could benefit me. After all, it always seemed ten times worse in the mornings so worth a try.

It only cost 5euro so hardly breaking the bank! I bought it and immediately applied it as soon as i got into the car. I was in need of relief so couldn’t wait till the night time. It doesn’t have a taste which is great cos I’m kind of gone off anything that tastes since being mad into organic products in recent¬†years. To be honest I’m a bit worried of anything that has a taste, including lipsticks but anyway. My initial thoughts were that its no miracle product but then again, for 5 quid i wasn’t expecting a magic potion. I have tried tonnes of these lip balms and was quite frankly annoyed at myself for having to try more. Sounds silly i know but i was desperate for a cure. It has a lovely soft texture and comes in a traditional pot which i liked. I will say it seems like a small amount since you use quite a bit on application but i suppose you want it to fit in your pocket. I continued to use it a couple of times a day and after two nights i woke up with lovely soft and smoothed lips!!

I was so impressed and relieved i could have cried. My lips are now in better shape than ever and its only been a few nights now. I think the trick of this is that you apply it at bedtime so its not coming off for however many hours, in my case 8 if I’m lucky. In that time you dont eat or lick your lips much so it really has time to work and absorb properly. I never thought of applying lip balm before bed but its worked wonders for me. I can’t recommend this stuff enough and think I’m addicted to it haha.

Give it a try yourself, and maybe just apply it at night so that it lasts longer since thats what its meant for anyway. And for 5 euro sure its well worth it . It actually feels quite luxurious and I’m delighted i found this little gem. Hope you like it too.


Ciara xxx

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