Unhealthy Food Cravings and How to Stop Them

Last eating a donut

Hi Guys,

Today I am talking about unhealthy food cravings and how to stop them. Most of us are partial to a sweet tooth or junk food and drinks craving but there is a scientific reason behind it. Fatty and sugary foods spark a reaction in our brains. When we satisfy a craving by eating a sweet treat, there is a biochemical change in our brains.

As a survival mechanism built in through evolution, our bodies have developed so that we are drawn to fattier foods. When the body is hungry, we will crave the foods that will provide us with a fuller feeling. Cravings on the other hand, are linked to the brains reward system. We feel satisfied and rewarded while eating fatty and sugary foods. Like a drug, the cravings are established and the brain associates that craving with a feeling of satisfaction and reward when we give in to those cravings. This feeling is addictive and therefore like a drug. read more

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